Our People and Our Culture

The 4ZERO team gathers well educated, updated, and experienced surveyors and Labours every year and culture which is built by them is unique for us. As well as we provide our services through people who have a good educational background, well experienced and smart. We create our culture with people who will join in forward with us. Arrangement, fidelity, attraction, efficiency, friendliness, and safety are the key points in our culture.

Sandaruwan Pradeep

B.Sc. Surveying Science Special in Cartography and GIS
Career started since 2018
+960 9 870890 (WhatsApp)


Director and Engineering Surveyor

B.Sc. Surveying Science Special
in Land Surveying
Career started since 2016

Amila C.

Director and Engineering Surveyor
Chamath Heshan

B.Sc. Surveying Science Special in Remote Sensing
Career started since 2018
+94 (71) 888 9976


Director and Engineering Surveyor

Call for any vacancies and inquiries
Career started since 2018

K.G.L. Erandi Kumari Perera

Director and HR Manager & Accountant

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