We are

A forerunner and solutions-founded team, 4 professional surveyors are giving their knowledge and experience to 4ZERO. We are strong with the latest and well accurate instruments. All surveyors are graduates. 4ZERO is listening well to the client’s requirements and we hope to give quick and accurate solutions for those requests and issues.

We are a good team for clients to give good outcomes. As we are surveying companies, we have given good outcomes. Technology, knowledge, and innovations are strengths and spirit in our company.



4ZERO SURVEYING AND ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD has been incorporated as a privet company on 9th August 2020 under the company act of 2007 number 7 by the Registrar General of Companies. Company Number: PV00225658

Our Scope

As a company of 4ZERO surveying and engineering, our main service is surveying. We hope to provide our services based on main categories such as topographic surveying, engineering surveying, land surveying, drone surveying, and hydrographic surveying.

In addition, as a company, we look forward to using the latest technology of drones and exporting and selling the drones. We hope to expand our services out of Sri Lanka.

We are planning to engage in the Engineering industry while carrying out Road & Highway, Buildings, Bridges & Flyovers, Water & Waste, Environment & Waste Management, Irrigation & Drainage, Harbour & Marine projects under our wings