Topographic Surveying and Leveling

Topographic Surveying means that collection of location, height, depth, size from manmade or natural objects on a parcel of Land.

Mainly, we do initial surveying for any road projects. The GPS point establishment which is essential for this kind of measurement is done by our qualified and experienced surveyors. For that, we use the latest and modern technology which is known as the GNSS system.

According to the client’s requirements, the Travers method is selected. For Travers, we use total stations with 2 accuracies and it is done by our best surveyors.

We are proud to inform you that, providing the client’s requirements with the accuracy and speed is our responsibility and drawing for topographic details are drawn by an experienced draftsman in our company. We give drawings most orderly and attractively before the client’s deadline.

We provide a drawing including the TBM establishment for levels and values after closing the level line and report of drawing to our valuable clients.

In the world, surveying is progressing day by day. Therefore creating the 3D model in topographic surveying is common in the world these days. If you need to create a 3D model, we are ready to provide this service.

We have skilled Labours, well confidence surveying instruments, qualified and experienced surveyors, experienced draftsman, and adequate transport facilities in 4Zero surveying solutions to meet the above requirements.

In addition, we can do any topographic surveys at the client’s requirements. Such as

  • Any Building Project
  • Irrigation project
  • Water and Sewage Project